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The Glenbog State Forest covers an area of about 11,000 hectares and is located in the southest of Australia in New South Wales. The closest townships are Bemboka and Nimmitabel.

Glenbog is currently being logged and there are graves concerns for the wildlife that inhabit the region, many species are listed as threatened and some are endangered.

This blog follows the daily activity carried out by Forestry Corporations of NSW – our aim is to raise awareness and ultimately to protect native animals.



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  1. Yet to get a response, but it seems FCNSW have taken some liberties, and I’ve pasted a message sent to the Enviro-line below fyi. A map, without rock etc. is available at

    Also, you may be aware NSW gov is undertaking a review of environment legislation, and the review panel is looking for examples. Have surveys for wombat burrows been undertaken in previously logged areas in the compartments?


    Robert Bertram

    To whom it may concern,

    I refer to the Forestry Corporation, Southern region, Harvesting Plan for compartments 2301, 2311,and 2321. According to the plan, some areas of unknown habitat quality are indicated as Forest type 154 (Brown-barrel). However, there is some concern that these areas of unknown habitat quality are actually rain-forest.

    Could you please confirm that the original Keith and Bedward rain-forest layer has been modified, such that there is no longer any rain-forest in the aforementioned compartments.

    Kind regards.

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