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Japan visits Glenbog!

The Glenbog wombats have been a major feature of a campaign in Japan to persuade paper users not to accept paper made from Eden woodchips.

Following a visit from Japanese campaigners from Japan Tropical Forest Action Network (JATAN) in September last year, the Tokyo based group has undertaken a market campaign to inform Nippon Paper customers about the consequences of logging and woodchipping by its subsidiary, South East Fibre Exports, at Eden. They have received a reply from Nippon Paper which shows some profound misunderstandings about how SEFE operates and the impact that logging has on the wombats and other wildlife.

The wombats will not be taking this lying down!

JATAN Glenbog sept14

In the photo Keith Hughes, Akira Harada, Rina Miyagi and (of course) Ray Wynan’s back.