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Below is part of an email from Marie and Ray Wynan to Forestry Corporation and proof that wombats have been killed resulting from forestry activity.


Referring to one of our previous phone conversations when you asked what the Forestry Corporation can do to improve the practices.
We visited four proposed dump points in compartments 2331 and 2332 Glenbog No 149 (Nitens Rd – Old Bega Rd).
Again, there seems to have been NO considerations of wombat burrows within the vicinity of the marked dump points.
There is NO mention about wombats and their burrows in the final operational plan. (as pointed out to us by members of public)
ACTIVE Bare-nosed Wombat burrows GPS coordinates in the vicinity of Dump points;
S36*36.00.1 E149*24.39.2 located at Dump H (now clearly marked as number 451)
S36*35.49.7 E149*24.21.6 Dump N  (clearly marked 452)
S36*35.48.1 E149*24.23.6  Dump N  (clearly marked 453)
S36*35.56.1 E149*24.18.2  Dump J  (clearly marked 454)
S36*35.54.1 E149*24.16.3  Dump J  (clearly marked 455)
S36*35.56.7 E149*24.24.7  Dump I  (clearly marked 456)
Also attached photos of a deceased adult male wombat found under the logging debris north of Dump H Compartment 2321.

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