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A message from Marie and Ray Wynan

We would like to sincerely thank all who have followed and supported The Glenbog FB page and the Glenbog Blog, to all who have written letters and emails, made comments and signed petitions (please keep signing).

To have been able to read the support and knowing so many of you care, helps us to keep going, keep searching, keep digging and clearing entrances to all the blocked burrows.

It seems the Forestry Corporation packed up their machinery and left the area. Due to the pressure from an amazing amount of people, they left the remaining area and an additional 29 burrows were saved. The amount of wombats and other flora and fauna saved by exposure from the media and public outrage truly has made an incredible difference.

Let us not forget the wombats that died by being buried alive. Let us not make it acceptable to call it “collateral damage” just because they are “only” protected and not a “threatened” species (it just not good enough). Bare Nosed wombats are highly intelligent and the panick and fear they had to endure before they slowly died is horrendous.

There need to be changes of attitudes from the contractors, supervisors and planners  within the working  zones. The Forestry Corporation need to include clauses of protecting wombat burrows in their final approval plans for ALL areas and not be permitted to plan Dump Points, new roads etc above burrows. EPA has to follow up and “heavily fine/jail sentences” for breeches by the Forestry. Burrying animals alive is a crime against the Animal Cruelty Act, where is RSPCA? Where is National Parks? Why is the Forestry not held accountable?

Currently, the logging continues in other areas with many wombat burrows and again, the “collateral damage” and “only protected” and “not threatened” and “we do not need to look for wombat burrows” and “we do not get paid to avoid burrows” continues………… we all need to keep fighting, to keep pushing, to make changes NOW!

Many thanks to all

From all the Bare Nosed Wombats that survived and remembering those who did not.

Marie and Ray Wynan, Jarake Sanctuary