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The Upper House has launched an enquiry into the performance of EPA.

Please complete this online survey and tell the Upper House why you are unhappy with how the EPA has handled the Glenbog State Forest regarding the protection of wombats.

Click on the link below to be redirected to the survey.



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More burrows GONE!

Very sad news today, two burrows…..gone….unsuccessful of even finding the entrance. (390 and 361)

Another two burrows with large trees and branches felled above but thankfully the entrances was just covered with lighter branches so wombats were able to get out. (359 and 360)

Surely, this activity must be illegal!


Above: A newly made road right above an existing well marked GPS recorded Burrow number 390! The soil was too hardly packed by the heavy machinery and we were unable to reach the entrance.

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Burrow number 351 that last week was spared by 10 meters from the machinery was today found destroyed/blocked and backfilled – totally unnecessary.

The burrow was well marked and had fresh wombat foot prints in the snow leading into the burrow just a few days ago.

Ray managed to dig through and open the entrance but we can’t confirm the fate of the wombat.

 P1050267 P1050269


under all this carnage is burrow number 395 that also was very well marked.  Entrance blocked with pushed up (with dozer) fallen trees, branches, earth.
Again, Ray managed to climb over and back down to clear away enough to open the entrance, (very tough going to say the least!)
At last visit at this burrow before the logging, we saw a healthy wombat living in this burrow.
P1050279 P1050282

1. Visit Glenbog and report to EPA

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) encourages members of the community to report forestry operation incidents that they suspect may have been illegal or pose a threat to the environment.

Unlawful forestry operations include breaches of environmental regulations and forestry licensing conditions.  They could involve such things as logging in stream protection zones, causing sediment to wash into streams, and damaging habitat in protected areas.

To make a report visit this link


2. Contact MPs about the issue. 

Greens MP David Shoebridge has already expressed interest in the activity.  The more letters David receives the more likely he will be spurred into action.

David’s contact details are:

David Shoebridge MLC
Parliament House,
Macquarie Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9230 3030


3. Contact Forestry Corporation of NSW

Forestry Corporation Head Office

121-131 Oratava Ave
West Pennant Hills

Phone: 9872 0111
Fax: 9871 6941

Glenbog has both hardwood forests and softwood plantations.

Batemans Bay office (hardwood forests)

PO Box 42
Batemans Bay NSW 2536

Phone: 1300 880 548
Fax: (02) 4472 6557

Snowy Region (softwood plantations)

PO Box 291
Tumut NSW 2720

Phone: (02) 6947 3911
Fax: (02) 6947 2865




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Burrow 352 blocked – again!

Yesterday the Wyans were very distressed to find burrow number 352 blocked again.  It was only a few days back that this burrow was found to be bulldozed and Ray re-opened the burrow again.

The burrow has been tagged but the loggers buried it again. This is completely unacceptable.  Please write to EPA and voice your concerns for the wildlife of Glenbog.

P1050192 P1050194 P1050199 P1050200


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More burrows bulldozed

Another burrow – number 352 – has been burried over. Ray Wynan has successfully reopened the burrow but this should not be happening in the first place! Please write to EPA to let them know this can’t go on!

Ray and Marie are also currently missing another active burrow within the same Dump Point. However due to Ray and Marie having to spend time digging burow 352, they ran out of time to search and confirm of the other active burrow’s status.